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Please read the latest comment at the end of this article. I would advise Extreme cm trading forex in cm trading forex with CM Traders. Read all comments before even remotely thinking about joining this company. Do not believe anything CM Traders tell you. You will do your dough. Looks like CM Traders all over again. Website menu the same, same broker, same packages even!

Be Warned, stay clear! I recently went through the sales pitch from CM Traders, so this seems like a good place to start looking at binaries. They sell a package for investing in forex, commodity and index markets via binary trading. CM Traders spruik enticing returns of over 50 times your investment capital after just one year, and that is trading conservatively! Trading is done by the Auto FX trading robot that handles cm trading forex the trading for you, taking the trades decided on by their team of 30 traders no wait.

Ok, so what did I think about it all? I was given a trial, where I get to choose any ten of the twenty or so commodities, indexes and forex pairs that they trade. Ten trades in a day. After one day I received a follow up call telling me I was smashing it, having won eight out of my ten trades…when would I like to sign up! I replied saying that I would like to see considerably more than just ten trades before making an investment decision of over cm trading forex thousand dollars!

Imagine basing that decision on tossing a coin ten times. Ahh, but they say that they win so often because their team cm trading forex analysts are so good.

So could I have a longer triallike at least trades? Oh no…that would cost them too much cm trading forex. Later on, I was told that there was no point in having a longer trial as all the licences would be gone by then they were just trying to save one of the last packages for me. Out of the trades listed there, there were 81 winners, or Unless you employ some loss chasing mechanism and hope that you recoup your losses on the next winner, before you go through your whole bank.

One strange thing about those statements cm trading forex that there were a couple of entries that were half cut, as if the statement had somehow been edited…. I think that they are two weak spots in the guarantee, open to interpretation.

So how cm trading forex it all add up? They say they have only positions available with only the last few remaining. I wonder if any broker could handle that kind of consistent winning? So why was the sales person still working there? They are also very good with an answer for every question, well thought out to sound convincing, or branch off cm trading forex talking about how succesful some client is.

I could only find a couple of blogs. The only other mentions were articles posted about CM Traders on some article posting sites, by. So, in my opinion only, I think it all sounds a bit too fanciful. It all sounds far too good to be true. Your review seems to be heavily biased and you are probably an IB of other company and you are paid to thrash CM Trading. Kudos to the guys that provide a great trading surrounding and give the opportunity to socialize through the sirix platform.

I naively joined cm traders to pay for IVF — stoopid me — they said they would hold my hand through the process. They took our money and ran. Is it possible at all to get our money back. Or do something at least. We copied their service with fx-autobinary and two years later in demo yet to see a profit binary is rubbish because it is controlled by the service and they can take your money when they please.

You cm trading forex be able to take legal cm trading forex against binary. Hello all, I am yet another culprit and have clearly lost my money as well. My story is much the same as above. I just wanted to add my details just in case a joint action is taken, and some money cm trading forex come back our way. Big lesson learnt, and hopefully these deviates will come unstuck soon! We are close to retirement.

We may be interested in legal action. I too have been scammed by her. I feel like an idiot because she got me twice. Once with one of her horse racing scams of days gone by and also with CM Traders. Ive been busy doing my research and this is what I have found.

Cm trading forex per the report on ripoff report from a disgruntled employee she didnt cm trading forex http: I even went to the lengths to employ someone to follow her from her office to her personal residence. I also paid off one of her employees a rather large sum of money to plant a bug in her office.

The conversations I have recorded are nothing short of astounding. That surveillance was carried out over a month period and has since been completed with all traces now removed. All of this has been forwarded on the Queensland Police who have confirmed to me they are already watching her very closely.

I can confirm some of those details but I hope everyone holds out on approaching her for any reason because she is a cornered animal and will run at the first whiff of trouble.

It looks like Commoptions has disappeared. The website is not found and the phone rings through to some other company. Those scamming scum bags. Has anyone else noticed this? Their new site is called binaryoptions. It was cm trading forex on the same day they registered commoptions. They will always have 2 or 3 backup site registered ready to go cm trading forex be able to quickly change the format. This trick has been used for years. It is rather easy to track their new registrations each time.

This is very true. You cannot pick a person by how they cm trading forex to you on the phone, they can sound like God if they want to. Sarcha Jean Goulding is the only Director and if you do a google search, her name appears on another scam this time to do with racing. I am really interested in joining those who are interested in any legal action! Hi we have been the victims of cm traders as well. They appeared very professional at the outset.

We have lost our money. It seems like another gold coast scam operation was at play here. And it was a large decision to participate.

We would never had done so. If you would like for us to participate in any possible class action. We can confirm that we are willing to do so. I went to coomera Police station and laid a complaint about cmtraders after being scammed The only way to get any action on cmtraders is for everybody to lodge complaints with the Police and get bank accounts for cmtraders and woodybank frozen.

Tuesday, 18 March 1: Representations were made on your cm trading forex to Woodybank Pty Ltd in an effort to resolve the matter. The OFT have emailed a covering letter and copy of your complaint and made telephone calls to the trader. Despite these efforts the trader has not responded to either the email or telephone calls.

Therefore at this stage the OFT does not have any response to forward you regarding what action the trader intends to take in an attempt cm trading forex rectify the matter. Your complaint will still be monitored and should a response from the trader be received it will be cm trading forex to you for your attention.

While the OFT cm trading forex up this matter to assist you, it does not have the authority to adjudicate in marketplace disputes, nor can it direct a trader to take cm trading forex particular course of action. Contractual disputes between consumers and traders may be brought before an appropriate court or tribunal where matters can be independently determined.

QCAT can be contacted by telephoning in Brisbane or your local courthouse. Alternatively, you may wish to seek independent legal advice about the options available to you.

Yesput me in the line up as well. No return of phone calls or emails. We probably do not have a lot of chance to get money backbut it would be some recompense to have the scamsters charged and dealt withas difficult as that is. Today I have found that I cannot access the website. Additionally, a Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an Error Document to handle the request.

I was able to access it yesterday. After some searching I find that it could be a problem with the cache and other computer jargon but disturbingly a few people have answered questions for other people with a similar problem, on other sites, saying that the website may have blocked them.

For robots, there is no requirement for being regulated as they do not accept deposits directly. Funds are maintained and held by the brokers (and the robot providers). You can sign up on RaptorRobot.