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Open house goes until the end of March you can sign up at www. This is a walkthrough of the member's dashboard and the tradeometer. This will explain how to use many of The School of Stock, Learn how to trade the right way. An HPS update that goes over 3 great trade ideas for tomorrow and also a review of current positions. The Market Radar portion of the video reviews the divergence the market is trading out The last video that went out 2 weeks ago discussed the possibility of a market pullback.

As you well know by now the market has had one of the most volatile weeks in years and the action looks These upcoming events could bring down market. Market Radar for next 2 weeks. The events might actually be positive The more satisfaction I get when I see the Where Bitcoin is heading very soon.

I go into detail why BTC will move higher and the fall of Bitconnect Update and Maximillion Interview. Started off with an update on Bitconnect and then Had a call in from one of our top traders Maximillion. We had a nice discussion on Bitcoin and the turned the discussion to his experience Great update for the last day of the year including some best bets and the great education on why the HPS methodology works so well.

You will see great examples of playbook trades and how they How to get DayTraderRockStar's weekly trade setups delivered as they trigger. For more information on receiving this alerts instantaneously please sign up with www. The most logical and scientific method for trading.

Here are the Setups you need to know. I have been so busy delivering these trades to the subscribers I have had no time to discuss the setups. We are on a 4-week winning streak with the HPS charts and I discuss what are the patterns Day 1 Buying Bitcoin and showing you how to do it Here is the Bitconnect link if you want to follow and do this with me https: Bitcoin for Students and Beginners.

NET is the independent consulting firm which offers exclusive services for institutional and private clients. They have introduced innovative methods for developing and vetting trading strategies. They deploy automated trading solutions based on MultiCharts platform.

Their founder Alex Krishtop is the author of several institutional-grade trading systems and is known for his uncommon views on market. He provides consulting services and coaching. Trading Computers A name trusted by over 7, traders around the world for more than 8 years, the Falcon Trading Computers sold at TradingComputers. That idea exploded in into a LIVE broadcast with a monthly viewer base of upwards of 15, traders.

Anyone can listen and watch the LIVE video and audio broadcast for free. The daily market coverage typically starts around 8 AM est, with a live ES Futures chart and continues throughout the trading day. The show features news, technical analysis, trading lessons, interviews with prominent traders and a great mix of classic and modern rock. Stop trading alone and join the DayTradingRadio. Alpha Novae Alpha Novae is a consulting company and technology provider specialized in systematic automated and algorithmic trading.

We provide technological solutions, consulting and tailor made developments for a broad range of clients, from the individual traders to institutional, systematic trading start-ups and hedge funds. Our main goals are to: The company consists of a professional trading team focused on delivering the ultimate standard in trading education for those who value expertise and integrity over the false hope and promises that so often abound.

Oxford Capital Strategies Oxford Capital Strategies Ltd is a proprietary research firm that develops systematic strategies for futures, equities, ETFs, and cash markets.

The company has core expertise in risk management, self-adaptive systems, and robust design. Whilst primarily aimed at advanced traders he is gradually introducing beginners guides and "tuned down" products which are suitable for less experienced traders. Access free live charting, analysis, video feeds, trading lessons, and more.

No member login required to use the trading tools and information. All levels of traders and investors can benefit, on a daily basis, from the expanding information about all major and emerging markets. Rooted in forex trading, www. Why waste your time on sites that are all add copy and require personal information? We are proud to have served futures and options traders since and have clients from practically every country around the globe.

We offer a choice of online trading platforms that include browser based platforms and downloadable platforms. We strive to offer the very best in customer service and take pride in our ongoing commitment to improve the overall trading experience for our valued clients.

From your computer to the exchange is how orders are routed. We want to give self directed traders greater speed, convenience and more control while also giving you the friendly, no hassle customer service you demand.

Lower Commissions Equals a Better Value. Aurora Solutions Aurora Solutions is a consultancy organization specialized in building customized automated and algorithmic trading solutions. We provide execution consulting and backtesting consulting services to financial technology firms, hedge funds, retail brokers, market makers, exchanges and individual traders. We work in all major asset classes including equities, forex and commodities.

We have certified software engineers in our team who can program your indicators and strategies in MultiCharts using C and EasyLanguage. AvaFX AvaTrade has been an innovative pioneer in online trading since The company was created as a combined effort of financial professionals and experts in web-commerce with the goal of perfecting the on-line experience for retail traders. The company's administrative headquarters are in Dublin.

Whether you are an experienced trader or a novice, AvaTrade's adaptable trading platforms and services provide you with the right balance of simplicity and sophistication. It's no wonder that Ava has earned nine industry awards since Optimus Trading Group Optimus Trading Group is a leading Futures Brokerage Firm offering the Rithmic data feed, which services both institutional and retail customers from the same servers.

Optimus specializes in supporting and servicing traders using the MultiCharts platform and is dedicated to outstanding customer service, low latency execution, unfiltered data and discount commissions. Optimus customers are powered by Rithmic's trade execution software providing fast, unfiltered data to your MultiCharts platform and order routing to and from the exchanges.

You will actually see true "tick-by-tick" data instead of "data blocks" like most other data providers. You get a clear and instantaneous picture of price activity. Combine the charting, analytics, and the automation of Multicharts with Rithmic's data feed for the most comprehensive trading solution.

It works for swing, position and intraday traders. The core strength keeps the trader in the trend without the emotion. When milliseconds mean millions of dollars, you need to have an edge. ROXI give you that edge you are looking for! Quantevo Quantevo Corporation specializes in platform conversion projects, such as bringing new commercial indicator sets to the MultiCharts platforms, and consulting solutions for commercial indicator or system vendors, hedge funds, and advanced individual traders who need a higher level of service.

Locusta5 We are an internationally successful proprietary trading firm basedin Germany, offering our extensive knowledge in automated, algorithmic as well as low-latency trading to the market.

Our consulting team offers solutions to all client types, from individual end of day investors to "High Frequency Trading" hedge funds. Our products range accordingly, from in-house designed Trading PC systems to co-located servers, from end-of-day strategies and indicators to microsecond HFT-algorithms and automated trading via an electronic brokers such as interactive brokers to exchange membership e.

We want you to make money too. Take clear concise decisions with our structured solutions. The EveryTick product opens up endless possibilities when coupled with MultiCharts. Here are a few of the features and possibilities: Volatility Tracking for any symbol on any part of the Volatility Curve.

Apply any statistical Model that Excel allows for and plot the data in real time! ActiveFutures Active Futures is a leading provider of futures and commodity trading brokerage services. We offer a wide range of futures trading solutions for beginners who are just starting out and need personalized attention as well as professional futures traders and money managers who demand fast and reliable order execution.

Active Futures offers traders the ability to utilize MultiChart's advanced trading and market analytics software and connect to a variety of different back end data providers. Visit Active Futures for more futures trading information. Alpha 7 Trading Academy Alpha 7 Proprietary Trading Academy moves theory to actual practice by giving students and experienced traders the ability to hone their trading and risk-management skills through one of the most intensive and well-renowned educational programs available for mastering the art of intraday stock trading.

He has previously been voted Forbes Best of the Web for four consecutive years. His latest book, "Way of the Trade: Years of researches and studies, particullary orientated to the Hurst and Migliorino models, which are out two point of reference for the analysis of modern financial markets, they led the society to develope an uncountable quantity of instruments accessible from Multicharts Platform and on-line directly from the web site.

Our User will be able to access to the multiple instruments as well as: Automated discovery of price action patterns and strategy generation. No price lagging indicators, no curve-fitting, no optimization.

Use it with the timeframe of your choice, daily or intraday. A solid foundation for developing trading systems. Click here for an example. Use PAL to assist you in your discretionary trading: It also determines the probability and significance of directional market moves by calculating the p-indicator. Use the program with any number of symbols to scan.

Eminis Trader Eminis Trader is a technology driven futures brokerage firm catering to both new and experienced traders. We offer an array selection of trading platforms, data technology, API access, co-location servers, and exchange membership to meet the needs of all type of traders. Through our clearing firm, traders are able to access products on: Quant Savvy Diversify your investments with our futures trading systems.

We have 13 investing systems with full portfolio management. Based on sound research, our Quant systems will nurture your investments and give life to your ambitions. Quant Savvy provides fully automated investment systems with full portfolio management. Proven to work in bull or bear market. We are a global company serving both institutional and retail clients from all over the world. Emet Trading Solutions Emet Trading Solutions is a team of professionals that specializes in programming for automated trading.

Our services are designed for traders, brokers, and trading analysts. Our company codes customized automated strategies of varying complexity for a great number of trading platforms. Seminars, webinars in Italian and English language , coaching sessions, books and papers you can download for free on QTLab website: Profluent Capital By combining high-performance computing with machine learning and AI technologies, we have uncovered a completely novel adaptive algorithmic approach to financial modelling.

TradingCoders also does conversions to MultiCharts. NET from other trading platforms. Umanot Umanot is an innovative Italian company with a core team of professionals skilled in Robo-trading technology for sending trading alerts to subscribers, with a track record of regular and compelling results. Thanks to our advanced Physical Analysis methodology and proprietary Software, we are able to get high performances on a very regular base.