Displaying binary data in the data web controls c#

Please, can anyone give me anyidea of how to call back file upload file name in c for data loading. You would have to save the file name at that time in the database. I've already saved my file name in the database as you adviced and i did recall all the data in gridview.

FileName in a session variable help you? I am just a junior in asp. Apr 03, Still one thing I can assure. Apr 04, This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Community Websites Community Support. Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Related Links Guidance Samples Videos. And all data will be shown in gridview including filename which i uploaded. And when a link I called all these data when page is load. If no IP address or port is entered, a message is displayed in the status bar. Now to be able to open a TCP connection, the already declared socket variable is initialized. It is given a stream and the connection type. In addition, a variable is generated which saves the port and IP address.

So that the program can run asynchronous, it does not wait for events, but rather uses callback routines. Callback methods are initialized when a process is started and invoked when the corresponding event occurs, i. In the following the callback routine is shown which is invoked when the connection is established. After successfully opening a connection, all useful operating elements for the application are enabled and the Connect button deactivated.

In addition, the application immediately begins to go into receive ready mode. For this the callback routine "receiveCallback" is initialized, which is explained in greater detail below. The connection remains open until the user clicks on the Disconnect button or until it is ended by the Web-IO. After clicking on the button a message is displayed that the connection has been ended. When the connection is ended all elements must be returned to their initial state.

It should then no longer be possible to actuate the Disconnect button. As soon as a connection is made with the Web-IO, the user can use the corresponding program elements to send commands to the Web-IO. When sending a message to the Web-IO, a callback routine is invoked just as in the case of receiving. The checkbox notes when it was clicked and then triggers an action. The following method sends a request to a particular counter and requests a reply containing the current state of the counter.

Since all counter states can be read or reset using one command, there must be a method implemented which processes the reply string from the Web-IO and assigns each counter in the application its specific state. In our application the method receiveCallback is invoked to receive such a message. In this method the reply string from the Web-IO is read and processed.