How to trade online using demat account

Our risk monitoring system can place a market square off order to close the position. Please refer Learning Centre. Who can open an Online Trading account? How do I request a form? How do I differentiate between margin orders and cash orders in the order book?

The stop loss trigger price has to be between the limit price how to trade online using demat account the last traded price at the time of placing the stop loss order. Brokerage payable for trades done in the future will be adjusted from this upfront lump sum brokerage amount. After this is traded, another is automatically released and so on till the full order is executed. In case you do not receive the shares, it may be due to the stock being in 'No Delivery' period.

Margin positions are meant to be squared off. Thus, in case for a settlement, the selling trading members have delivered short, their deliveries are bad or they have not rectified the company objection reported against them, the exchange purchases the requisite quantity from the market and gives them to the original buying member. Once the MTM loss percentage exceeds the threshold MTM loss percentage, our system would block additional how to trade online using demat account required out of the limits available.

Personalized price and account alerts: Hence you can expect the shares to come into your Demat account on Pay-Out of securities i. Limit Order is an order to buy or sell securities in which you specify the maximum price per unit in case of a Buy order and the minimum price per unit in case of a Sell order. It is compulsory to square off all your open positions net of what has already been converted to delivery within the how to trade online using demat account.

Pre-requisites for sale of securities: Digitally Signed Contract Note. Deutsche Bank in association with Sharekhan Ltd bring to you db TradePro, a unique platform for trading in shares online. Why is the stock list restricted to specific scrips only?