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Do we pay a lot for our gas? Average national price in Euro for natural gas per GJ — without taxes 5 Source. Present Our energy system explained Energy prices Oil and gas prices What effect do movements in international oil and gas prices have on our fuel prices?

Where does the price of our home heating oil come from? Why has the price of petrol gone down as oil prices fell but the price of gas not fallen by the same amount as international gas prices? Can we protect ourselves against price increases? Has the Corrib gas field reduced prices? Would a shale gas discovery in Ireland bring down prices?

Electricity prices What determines the price of electricity in Ireland? Do we pay a fair price for our electricity? What makes our electricity prices high? Could our electricity prices be lower? Why do other European countries have cheaper electricity? How is the price for our electricity decided each day? Has the drop in demand for electricity had an effect on prices? How do movements in international gas prices affect our electricity prices?

Is there a way to avoid paying such high prices to electricity generators at peak times? Oil and gas Import dependence How dependent on imports are we?

How much oil do we use in Ireland? Do we have any oil of our own? Where does our oil supply come from? How is it imported or moved around the country? Where does our gas supply come from? When will gas from Irish sources run out?

Where does our coal come from? How do we make sure that we always have enough imported fuels to generate our electricity? Electricity Electricity system Where does Ireland get its electricity? Why do we need different sources of energy for electricity generation? Gas, coal, wind, peat? How is it decided which plants produce our electricity at any given time of the day? What types of power plant supply our electricity?

Do the power plants that provide our electricity operate all the time? How should we decide what generation sources we use in the future?

Electricity interconnectors and new power lines Why do we need new power lines when demand for electricity will not return to boom levels until at the earliest? Why do we need interconnection between the Republic and Northern Ireland?

Could we have an electricity system without transmission lines? Why is our power system connected to Britain? Who should pay for interconnectors with other countries and why? Do we really need the interconnectors? How efficient will new infrastructure be? How is our electricity market changing in ? What are capacity payments? Energy consultants offer a lot more than procuring energy contracts from a supplier.

In the UK and Europe where there is a lot of legislation and increasing pressure for businesses and countries to do more to reduce their energy consumption a lot of services from brokers now help ensure businesses meet a lot of compliance and accreditation requirements such as the ESOS energy saving opportunity scheme , ISO , ISO , Energy Performance Certificates and Display Energy Certificates.

Other services include helping companies reduce energy consumption with the aim of meeting national and international carbon emission standards. Additional services such as arranging a Power Purchase Agreement , energy export contracts can be procured as well as energy monitoring and reporting technology and solutions are also offered by energy consultants.

In the USA, energy brokers can serve residential, commercial and government entities that reside in energy deregulated states. In the UK , and some countries in Europe , the entire market is deregulated. Energy brokers typically do not charge up front fees to provide rates.

If an entity purchases energy through a broker, the broker's fee is usually included in the rate the customer pays. Some brokers will charge a fixed fee for their consulting services. Energy Brokers provide access to multiple electric and natural gas suppliers which allows them to provide rates much faster than if a consumer were to shop for rates on their own. Since prices must be compared on the same day, this is a very useful service to clients.

Since the contract language directly affects the energy price, a good broker can explain the differences between contract offers, such as swing or bandwidth. The potential to obtain better prices, provided the broker represents a large number of suppliers.

Energy brokers may have the ability to bundle, or aggregate, clients who have a similar demand and usage profile to obtain additional leverage over the suppliers when it comes to negotiating rates. Not all energy brokers are consultants; However, the energy brokers who are also consultants will perform a more detailed analysis of a consumers' usage pattern in order to provide a custom rate, which typically results in more cost savings for the consumer.

Typically, they do not need any more information than that of an energy broker, because they can pull usage information from the local utility company. There are some national energy brokers that use auditing teams to verify their client's invoices. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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