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I've launched my Spring courses with a new WordPress theme. It's been a long time coming. I don't know, really. It can't quite be laziness. Customizing sites with a theme requires production of a child theme, which IS some work if one wants a color palette that works off a main opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 graphic. But perhaps it was inertia.

Twenty Ten was something I could modify lightly without too much effort. The big disappointment for me has been the pseudo-footer widget feature. I "thought" I'd actually get to write some custom text into the real footer of the WordPress theme, something I had to hard code into the footer. But the "footer" widget isn't really putting content into the footer.

It makes a bogus footer above the real footer. Think of it as "ankle socks" for the theme. Our panel, "Who Owns the ePortfolio," explored some of the tensions in ePortfolios when an institution is interested in assessment but wants students to embrace the value of ePortfolio for their development and digital identity.

Our English majors offered brief tours of the ways they are putting their ePortfolios to use. And we recorded the broadcast do document our students' presentations. Their central questions as they look to the future of higher education: How do we create an integrated learning experience for students across an increasingly disintegrated set of structures and contexts?

How do we assess learning holistically? How do we demonstrate opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 distinctiveness? Bass and Eynon are interested in the contributions ePortfolio might make to the future.

Opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 introducing their FIPSE-supported project entitled "Catalyst for Learning," they articulated a set of practices that seem to yield effective ePortfolio initiatives.

If the data support these conclusions - and they presented some of this data - they're working in a space that meets a real need for the ePortfolio community. Moving beyond testimony, individual spotlights, and even department-level opbinary optionsrations binaires 602, the "Catalyst for Learning" project seems to speak to some of today's hot-button institutional outcomes.

Some of their data point to associations between ePortfolio implementation and retention, GPA, and even graduation rates. But what might ePortfolio have to do with the challenges of higher education? What does this future look like? The discourse that emerges from these higher ed discussions is focused on data, scale, and personalizing learning through knowledge of individual learners' behaviors.

As Bass opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 Eynon see it, three core principles seem to guide those involved in much of the higher education discussion. On the other side of a continuum is the local and identity-specific component of education. The challenge is that higher education seems not to recognize these three zones, making it difficult for institutions to make this change.

For Bass and Eynon, ePortfolio may be an "agent of an integrated learning culture through evidence of impact. We need "integrative learning" analytics, ways of evaluating integrative learning.

But we also need integrative "learning analytics," a bringing together of a range of learning analytics. Their talk was a fascinating argument for the opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 centrality of ePortfolio to an institution's effort to meet the challenges of higher education: This is a heavy burden for ePortfolios. While I am an advocate for ePortfolios, I'm not yet convinced they can meet this challenge.

Certainly, the larger forces of education commodification, standardized assessment, and the cost containment pressures on colleges and universities are not particularly conducive to some of the more exciting elements of ePortfolios. The conference venue gets a big "fail" on its family-unfriendly accommodations in the exhibit hall.

A conference attendee, presenter, and friend of mine with a toddler in a stroller was denied access to the lunch because it was held in the Exhibit Hall. The hall, it turns out, would not permit individuals under Insurance liability, according to security. And they placed lunch at the back of this "childfree zone" in the Hynes Center, so my friend couldn't actually get to the food or network with other attendees in a structured luncheon program that involved sitting at the tables focused on specific aspects of ePortfolio and technology.

Apparently, shameless promotion of products by vendors hawking tech wares is allowed, encouraged, and monetized by the Center. Every accommodation was made to ensure vendor access to adequate power, bandwidth, and presentation space.

But a conference presenter with a paid registration and a child in a stroller cannot get in. And a look at the swag given away by the vendors would suggest that the Exhibit Hall is actually a confectionery and toy shop: It's the United States. We're not opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 the s or in some backwater where people think women should be bound to the home.

And it's not the nineteenth century in which children should be seen and not heard. Is this an emerging trend? In the twenty-first century children should be neither seen nor heard? Juxtapose that economic reality with the cost of the electrical drops to support something like technology vendors, including the placement of a leather-appointed, limo-like opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 van right in the hall.

I'm teaching an advanced humanities seminar called "Doing Humanities Digitally" this coming term. New course, new materials, and an open field in which to run. I have mostly settled on some work with the Digital Thoreau project, am toying with a foray into the Transcribe Bentham project, critical reviews of extant DH projects, a student-developed remediation of a prior humanities project course paperAND a digital exhibit project.

This DH course, particularly the idea for a project that brings environmental science research together with some archival work, forced my opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 and left me no choice but to get serious about evaluating Omeka for our purposes. This isn't Omeka's fault, really. But I would estimate it took about 12 hours over several days to actually get the CMS to behave in a way that enabled me to test the tool.

WordPress, in contrast, is included in many webhost packages, making it a truly one-click installation. The WordPress Network install is another matter. I have to thank my colleague Pam Morgan for a series of conversations that yielded the idea that would draw together some of the data opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 along with her colleagues and students has collected on the Saco River estuary, research on the uses of the Saco River, and historical photographs and documents at the McArthur Library in Biddeford, Maine.

I must also thank Renee DesRoberts, the archivist at the opbinary optionsrations binaires 602, for her willingness to really open up their collection of glass plate negatives for our project.

I'm really looking forward to this project! I also want to thank the tech support at Lunarpages and patrickmj from the Omeka Opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 Team for offering me some help on the features and limits of the Geolocation plugin.

InJohn Carlos and Tommie Smith each raised a gloved, clenched fist during the Olympic medals ceremony as the national anthem played. Gold and silver medalists, the two African-American runners were frustrated by prejudice and racism at home at the same time they were "representing" the US in the Olympics. He shared his memories of black-white relations, and his interactions growing up in New York.

From neighborhoods full of bars and liquor stores to mistreatment by others. He recounted the time he went to see Malcolm X speak and approached him after his speech. Malcolm X invited John Carlos to follow him around, if he could keep up. And he credits his parents and relatively stable home for much of his character. As he put it, his parents taught him to be "honest and faithful. To whom should he be honest and faithful? A major theme in his talk was the way that man's law is sometimes often?

Which law does one follow? This is a fascinating perspective on the challenge of following the laws one perceives opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 unjust. It provides a person with a critical perspective on the laws of the state. At the same time, though, it potentially leads down the path to anarchy. The minute I got off the plane my name changed to boy.

This tension brought out the frustration in a man unaccustomed to the kind of full-bore segregation he experienced in Texas and culminated in the events in Mexico City. Carlos' talk was fascinating precisely because he talked about how he used the celebrity of his athleticism as a "springboard" to advance the cause of social justice and was prepared to suffer the negative reaction to his gesture.

I had not realized it, but Opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 explained that he and Tommie Smith thought a great deal about their actions before they did it. They thought through the possible repercussions, considered how to protest, and made opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 decision about the timing.

His "platform" for a statement came from his success as a gold medal runner. The question was whether to use that platform to make a statement or to use it celebrate his athletic achievement. Would Carlos become just an example that shows that America is a land of opportunity? Or would he become a conduit for channeling Opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 frustration with prejudice, racism, and inequality in the US?

Last year I embraced Google Docs for student peer review and document submission in composition courses. I've been pleased with the way the sharing of documents helps me better track and support the peer review process in my writing classes. And the addition of offline commenting and access through Google Drive really enables me to do my own commenting even when I lack opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 access. But I remain flummoxed by the print limitations embedded within the app.

I cannot understand why Google has not implemented a "print with comments" feature for its tool. I worked around that problem in Springbut I really expected Google to add the feature by now. Amazing that Google Docs drives users through MS to make full use of a central feature of its tool.

It's easy, if you have MS Word: Simply download the document opbinary optionsrations binaires 602 a. That's great for a one-off print job. Now, multiply that by papers, the number of papers one might print if one teaches sections of writing. I recently printed marked papers for two sections of composition and spent about an hour just getting the shared docs wtih comments to print.