Trademonster paper trade

The fee structure is graduated depending on how many options you trade per quarter. By contrast, the lack of a base fee and the sliding cost per contract makes trading pretty cheap for those buying and selling in large quantities. TradeMonster doesn't have an annual account fee or on an inactivity fee, but there are a few extra charges.

There's nothing particularly unreasonable in their schedule of fees though. At TradeMonster the trading platform and all the associated tools are web-based, so there's no need to download anything. It's one of the most impressive platforms around and it's very fast and responsive. Beginners will love how easy it is to use and understand everything, while experienced traders will appreciate its more advanced features and the fact that it can be customized to suit personal preferences.

TradeMonster was formed with options traders in mind and this is very apparent. A minor complaint would be that trading can involve having to open a lot of different windows rather than everything being integrated.

This can cause a bit of frustration but is by no means a major issue. This opens a much simpler window and allows you to place your orders quickly and easily without any of the bells and whistles. Spectral Analysis gives you a visual overview of your planned strategies while straegySEEK helps you pick strategies based on criteria you define yourself.

This is especially useful for traders that struggle with discipline or applying a solid strategy. This tool walks you through six steps to help you complete the full process from research, testing, executing orders, and exiting positions. Beginners and even intermediate traders could benefit enormously from this. It also has a paper trade feature which allows you use the trading platform to make virtual trades and keep track of your results. TradeMonster offers most of the research and analysis capabilities you need but there have been criticisms that they aren't as in depth as they could be.

The charting tools are certainly a little weaker than many of its competitors and the range of technical studies available is somewhat lacking. For additional research you can sign up to researchLAB. It's free to use but it's separate from the main platform which is not ideal. There are also paid subscription services for more comprehensive technical indicators and more thorough research. Overall the research and analysis that is available at TradeMonster is certainly sufficient, but it's fair to say it isn't of the same high standard as the trading platform itself.

Customer support isn't the strongest point of TradeMonster. They do offer both telephone and email support, but there have been reports of poor responses. It will output them on a table and you can rank them by payoff and expected return, then review them back on the Trade Creator window - and if you like it, then it is at this point that you go back into CBOE optionsMONSTER to re-create the same trade over there and check it out - note that you need to check things thoroughly now, that the payoff profile looks the same and the breakeven positions agree - note doubly that the initial prices used in the trade searcher MUST agree with those in optionsMONSTER, if they don't you will simply be wasting CPU cycles to calculate garbage!

Please note that the expected return and success probabilities will not be quite the same as StockWave uses its own custom "pricing model", i.

When you've used the trade searching tool for a while you come to a conclusion - the simple fact of the matter is that most combination trades are absolutely stinking! There are far more dumb ways to lose money than to make it, which implies a weak form of "market efficiency", but there are, hidden among the weeds, good trades to be made.

That they are not easy to find, is actually a good thing - otherwise everyone else would be doing it. Program Documentation and Help Files. It is important you do this as if you ever trade for real, this might be the platform you use and if not it will be something quite similar, and most importantly - you WILL make mistakes, so better get then out of your system! For example, you will do some or perhaps all of the following at some time - enter the wrong expiry date the wrong number of contracts a call which should have been a put a buy that should have been a sell enter a multi-leg combination not as a "custom spread" but as individual trades failure to analyze the trade properly enter in totally dud trades which have no possibility of any type of profit whatsoever, i.

Have a look at the OptionsMONSTER software - it runs inside a browser window - ignore the side panels and just concentrate on the centre, it is quite intimidating to look at first-off, but actually relatively simple and well-laid-out once your eyes have been exposed to it for a while; try the following - go to "marketview" and key in some stock symbols of interest, e.

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